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Towards a sustainable world

We addressed various topics in the framework of our study among the world youth and the panel of 100 personalities. Here are some examples of questions we discussed:

What has been, during the last 20 years, the most memorable revolutions in the progress towards a sustainable development? Which sectors were the most innovative in terms of sustainability?

Wich tools and factors facilitate this kind of revolutions? What are the obstacles?

What must the next revolution be? And, most importantly, what role would you like to have in it?

Some interview excerpts linked to this topic:

  • Demand for resources is set to continue to rise precipitously in coming decades, even as supply constraints multiply, posing challenges for economic growth, the environment and social well-being. Environmental effects such the over-exploitation of groundwater resources further increase the vulnerability of resource supply systems. Institutions of every stripe will need to rethink how they manage resources and bolster long-term resilience: a resource revolution.
    Dominic Barton (Canada),Global Managing Director of McKinsey & Company.

  • In 1999, during my tour around the world in a hot air balloon (www.bertrandpiccard.com), I got a feeling for what sustainable development means. The expedition’s meteorologists had advised me to fly at an altitude of 8,000 meters, where the wind would push us at only 60km/h. When I proudly told them that I found a jet stream enabling me to fly twice as fast, they retorted “Do you want to fly very quickly in the wrong direction or slowly in the right one?”. I had to bring myself to lose altitude and slow down, but that’s what enabled me to stay in the right stream and to accomplish the world tour. Today’s problem is that companies and governments don’t listen to the advice of “meteorologists” who promote a long-term vision, and our world is still going very quickly in the wrong direction…
    Bertrand Piccard (Switzerland), Initiator and president of the Solar Impulse project, a long-range solar powered plane scheduled to a round-the-world flight in 2012, and renowned balloonist.

  • We need to find a way to go forward without having to be forced to do so by a major crisis. I think that the international community must create a framework to address planetary issues globally. Ideally, there should be a Ministry of Planetary Affairs in each government worldwide. A more global level of governance should gradually arise and reinforce itself.
    Brice Lalonde (France),Executive Coordinator of the Rio+20 Conference and former French Minister of the Environment.

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