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« 2011, World Youths », a Fondapol study

The results of the « 2011, World Youths » study were published during the month of January 2011. This study was carried out among 37,700 persons in 25 countries.
« 2011, World Youths », a Fondapol study

Project leaders

Nomadéis Nomadéis is an independent consulting agency focusing on sustainability issues, Nomadéis, created in 2002 by Cédric Baecher and Nicolas Dutreix, two ESSEC graduates, after they accomplished a one-year world tour on water and poverty (this project was sponsored by … Continue reading

Objectives of ScenaRio 2012

The ScenaRio 2012 project will seize the opportunity of the next Earth Summit to explore different perceptions of the environment and of sustainable development throughout the world with the following objectives: To encourage a broad participative process through a major … Continue reading