Objectives of ScenaRio 2012

The ScenaRio 2012 project will seize the opportunity of the next Earth Summit to explore different perceptions of the environment and of sustainable development throughout the world with the following objectives:

  • To encourage a broad participative process through a major international study which will allow 100 personalities and 30,000 young citizens from 30 different countries to share and analyze their perceptions of issues linking environment and development;

  • To use the results of this study to elaborate concrete recommendations for the Secretary-General of the United Nations in order to contribute to the international negotiations during the conference.


The ScenaRio 2012 project offers interesting perspectives with a double impact:

  • The ScenaRio 2012 project will promote participatory democracy at a global level by giving the same credit to the voices of young citizens of emerging or industrialized countries and the opinions of a joint experts committee. It will reflect an equal representation of men and women, and the variety of countries which are participating to the Summit.

  • The ScenaRio 2012 project will facilitate the search for global solutions by creating bridges between cultures and generations..

How will we share the outcomes of ScenaRio 2012 ?

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