Agenda :

The next Earth Summit will be held once again in Rio de Janeiro in May 2012. The objectives of the conference will be to evaluate the progresses made and the efforts remaining concerning the results and recommendations of the past conferences and to elaborate innovative solutions for emerging challenges. Two key subjects will be addressed during the Rio+20 conference:

  • green growth in a context of sustainable development and eradication of poverty
  • development of an institutional framework for sustainable development

More information on the official website of Rio+20.

Challenges :

  1. Environment and sustainable development are now inescapable matters of international diplomacy. The Earth Summits, held every ten years, and the agreements which result from them testify to the awareness of their importance and to the increasing number of collective actions undertaken.

    However, depending on the political, cultural, social, economic and environmental context, there can be important differences of perception between individuals of different countries and cultures. These diffrences arise from the information published by the media, from the everyday living conditions and from one’s cultural heritage.

  2. Even though the environment apears as a great concern of today’s young people, they often find difficult to take part in international processes along with experts and governments.

« Youth should be given a chance to take an active part in the decision-making of local, national and global levels. »

M. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nation, during the launching of the International Year of Youth at the UN’s headquarters in New York City on 12th August 2010.

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