Project leaders


  • Nomadéis is an independent consulting agency focusing on sustainability issues, Nomadéis, created in 2002 by Cédric Baecher and Nicolas Dutreix, two ESSEC graduates, after they accomplished a one-year world tour on water and poverty (this project was sponsored by UNESCO and French writer Jacques Attali; its findings were presented at the UN Johannesburg Summit on Sustainable Development).

    Over the past 10 years, Nomadéis’ interdisciplinary team has accomplished 200+ assignments in 40+ countries, working with a variety of stakeholders (public institutions, corporations, foundations, NGOs…) and acquiring both a conceptual and operational experience of sustainability issues in different contexts.

    Key areas of expertise include social responsibility programs (water and energy management, stakeholder dialogue, philanthropy…), strategic research and action plans (socioeconomic & environmental diagnostics), sustainable urbanization projects (Agendas 21) and partnerships for international cooperation.

    Nomadéis is a member of the UN Global Compact French network.


  • The Fondation pour l’innovation politique (Fondapol) provides an independent forum for expertise, opinion and exchange aimed at producing and disseminating ideas and proposals. It contributes to pluralism of thought and the renewal of public discussion. The Foundation gives priority in its activities to economic growth, ecology, values and digital technology.

    Its website makes available to a wider public all its work as well as keeping an intensive watch on the effects of the digital revolution on political practice with “Politique 2.0”. In addition, its second blog “Trop Libre” casts a critical eye over the news by clarifying the factual bases of public discussions, reporting on large numbers of publications and reexamining the liberal tradition in a context within which there are a growing number of controversies about essential issues affecting society.

    Fondapol is a state-recognised organization. It is independent and receives no financial contribution from any political party. Its funding comes from both public and private sources. The backing of business and individuals is essential for it to develop its activities.

Download the introduction of the first ScenaRio 2012 publication by the project leaders Cédric Baecher, Nicolas Dutreix and Dominique Reynié

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