Survey among young citizens

From Japan to Brazil, young citizens express their perceptions and expectations concerning the environment and sustainable development. This statistic survey will be carried out among 30,000 young people between 16 and 29 years old in 30 different countries and will collect the points of view of the ones who will shape the world tomorrow.

Young people are the firsts concerned by long term decisions which are taken during international summits. According to the United Nations’ World Youth Report young citizens are interested in such topics as global governance and sustainable development, but they don’t feel in a position to take part in those meetings.We want to change that situation.

The ScenaRio 2012 project will use new technologies and social networks in order to facilitate the circulation of information all around the world.

Since the questionnaire will be translated into the language of every of the 30 countries where they will be administrated, all of the young citizens concerned by the study will be able to express themselves in their mother tongue.

This study is inspired by a first survey on the world youths conducted by Fondapol in 2011, but with a more particular focus on sustainable development.

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